Alex Carr Johnson

Ahoy. Alex, here.

It looks like we are stuck on this island for a while, so might as well make ourselves comfortable:

I am a freelance journalist, essayist, conservationist, ecological restorationist, and aspiring author.  I tend to migrate seasonally around the western United States.  In the right light, you might also guess I were a long-distance trekker, freelance explorer, and queer ecologist.  If I had to pick a single signifier, I think philalethist comes pretty close: a lover of the truth.

1491367_563663308157_670057730_o(1)I tend to see truth as a messy, dynamic pluralism.  Consequently,  I prioritize discussions, investigations, and explorations that expand toward complexity on a wide variety of spatial, temporal, and ecological scales.  Scientific inquiry is particularly useful in identifying these sorts of truths–and art is particularly useful in communicating them.

We live within a messy and dynamic living world, of that much I am certain.  I seek to actively understand that mess; to tell stories that communicate that dynamism; and to inspire others likewise.

This website is meant for me to share what I find with you — all you other philalethists out there. So here’s to exploring. Take some risks!  Do some science! Ask some tough questions! Make art! Revel in the complexity!  Then maybe send me a line.